The NetUsage Project   

What's New

Please visit the new netusage website for the latest information.

The NetUsage Project is aimed at providing usage indicating facilities for the Seamonkey and Firefox browsers. It works off the principle of fetching an XML feed of the usage datails, off the ISP's website.

This project is targetted towards Australian Broadband Users whose broadband connections are encumbered with download (and sometimes upload) limits. However, this meter can be adapted for any country's ISP that provides a XML usage data feed.

What to do after installing the extenstion for the first time and restarting firefox:

After installation, open the customize dialog by right-clicking on the toolbar and selecting customize. Find and drag the net usage item from the customize dialog on to a toolbar.

If you've enjoy using the Net Usage extension and want to encourage me to keep improving it, please consider donating. Thanks!

The netusage project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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